Freelance Web Designer in Sydney, Australia


freelance web designer sydney
Hello ! My name is PJ Pokhrel and I am a freelance web and graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia.
What is your name?

PJ Pokhrel

Where are you based?
Sydney, Australia

What’s your job?
Freelance Digital Designer

From when did you start designing?
I started designing websites in Photoshop and Microsoft Frontpage from the early ages of middle school as a hobby stopped for about 5 years and then again started from 2014.



works done by freelance designer sydney

Why are you giving away FREE PSD files?

  • Be able to design on my own style and don’t have any client input.
  • Wanted to give back something back to the community.
  • My addiction for web design
  • ¬†Figured out there is nothing to do with the files just sitting on my hard drive.
  • I won’t be taking all these files with me one day.